Brittany - 25cm (10") Double Points

Stock available:

2.75mm (US2) - 2
3.25mm (US3) - -1
3.50mm (US4) - 0
3.75mm (US5) - 2
4.00mm (US6) - 2
4.50mm (US7) - 0
5.00mm (US8) - 0
5.50mm (US9) - 0
6.00mm (US10) - 3
6.50mm (US10.50) - 1
7.00mm (US10.75) - 1

Brittany Art Deco Classic Double Point Birch are hand finished and exactly sized. Finely crafted wooden tools of this nature have long been prized by craftsmen around the world. We invite you to celebrate your crafts endeavors with the finest tools available.

All Brittany products are guaranteed for five years against flaws and breakage from normal use. If your needle breaks we will replace it at no charge.